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Work With Greg W Anderson

I am a three-time self-made millionaire, the acting CEO for three companies, and building several other brands in the process. Choosing to create my reality opened new doors. I’ve spent over $250,000 and invested nearly 8,500 hours of my life since 2012 creating the Reality Hacking approach. This is the system I use to mentor hundreds, no, thousands of individuals to hack their own realities and create a life of more love, joy, money, passion, connection and purpose!

I share my thoughts, insights, and findings through this site as a guide along life’s pathway towards something greater than myself. I don’t know where you are on your own journey, but I invite you to join me: learn from my business success, wrestle with research on the neurosciences of relationships and psychology, breathe in meditations and visualizations, and let me help you create the life you crave by hacking your current reality.

Three Ways To Work With Greg


Specialized On-Demand Elite

This is an easy-to-follow program designed to unleash the science of Reality Hacking in your life. You can have it all in body, balance, business, and being who you desire to be right now. Hacking your reality is a game to master, not a prison to escape, and I want to teach you how I used gamification to create whatever I want from life with ease and grace.

There are several programs for you to choose from depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish today. Mind Hacking, DNA of Money and Reality Hacking online Version.



In Person Total Immersion Training

Live in person Reality Shift weekends have been carefully designed to give you maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Utilizing several different teaching modalities, you will go on an internal and external journey which will not only show you exactly why your results in life are what they are but uncover hidden and invisible roadblocks that have kept you imprisoned your entire life.



Masterminds and One-on-One Intensive Coaching Programs

Greg W Anderson facilitates mastermind mentoring and one-on-one mentoring for select individuals. The mastermind is six-month to a one-year commitment depending topic that can serve up to eight individuals at a time. He also provides one-on-one mentoring for specific individuals who are ready for the highest investment of energy, time, and attention for optimal results.