Greg’s Personal Meditations

My Freind,
You are on this page because you personally mean very much to me. I have invited you to use my personal meditation files because I believe it will make a difference in your life.

I spent hundreds of hour, tens of thousands dollars and hired the best mediation ninjas in the world to create these files for myself and now I am sharing them with you.

Use these daily for at least 30 days and then report back to me on the changes you have felt in your life.




I created these three meditations to work together throughout your day.

The autosuggestion words, the frequency of the music and the energy embedded was created for three files to build upon each other.

1: AM DNA – Designed to help you wake up and craft the day you desire.

2: Money Mindset – Created to be a mid-day boost to create more abundance in your life and remove your morning stresses.

3: PM DNA – Designed to tell your body how to sleep and specific instructions on how to repair itself while you sleep.



Money Mindset: