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  1. Ep. 1. The inaugural episode of Architecting Reality
    Released Dec 09, 2017

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of Architecting Reality with Greg W. Anderson! Today, Greg talks about the importance of learning something new in your life, to integrate something into your life that will help to resolve conflict, whether it's divorce, the loss of a loved one or even your heath and well being. Greg talks about his personal struggles with dyslexia and how he was able to not only overcome it, but to ultimately succeed in the world of business!

  2. So "What is Reality"?
    Released Dec 09, 2017

    On this episode of Architecting Reality, your host Greg W Anderson gets into the heart of "what is reality"? What makes up your entire life? From what your thinking, feeling, your heath and well being, to your spirituality, Greg explores what 3 things specifically about you have the greatest impact on your life and how to tap into them so you can live up to your fullest potential!

  3. The Rules of Diabetes
    Released Dec 09, 2017

    Back with another episode of Architecting Reality! On this episode, Greg talks about how Diabetes affected his family and how, with the proper health and fitness, you can learn how to manage the symptoms. He explains that yes, there are rules to follow. But not every rule is right for every person. By dialing in your food, your nutritional needs, you can go a long way towards the life you deserve!